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  Release Date: Jan 19, 2018
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  Runtime: 140 min

Den of Thieves Synopsis:

Den of Thieves

Den of Thieves is a 2018 American heist action thriller film directed and co-written by Christian Gudegast. The “Den of Thieves pays energetic homage to classic heist thrillers of the past. In real life, Jackson has been frank about his complicated family situation. Reportedly paying $12,000 a month on child support for his two younger children.

All that excitement is rounded out by a fascinating character exploration seldom seen in action movies. The Den of Thieves may not be based on real-life events, but its story is still deeply rooted in reality You see the kind of hardships that they go through and how living this kind of life plays on them.


Den of Thieves is a story of the group of thieves who are hell-bent on stealing money from the Federal Bank while a law enforcement unit is doing everything in their power to stop that from taking place. Some members of the LA County Sheriff’s Dept that are out to stop them. It’s a Los Angeles crime story in the vein of Heat. In this story, Jackson gets to deliver one of the movie’s rare humorous moments as the overprotective father who uses the Outlaws to intimidate the boy taking his teenage daughter to the prom. All the story we will see in this movie on 19 January 2018 in near cinemas.

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